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Cockfighting is an ancient breed of chicken in China, with a history of more than 2,000 years. There are many records in the Records of the Grand Historian and the Book of Han about “cockfighting and dogfighting”. In 770 B.C., during the Warring States period of the Spring and Autumn Period, Lu Ji Pingzi and his neighbor Zhaobei offended Duke Zhaoge with a cockfight and started fighting with each other.

According to “Chengwu County” in Shandong Province, “The cockfighting platform is located behind the Wenting Mountain. Zhou Tuo Wang three years (679 BC), the Duke of Qi Huan to Song back north of the apricot meeting, had the vassal vassal attack Song, a single Bo will be, take into the northern border of Song, when the cock fight on it.

“It can be seen that the slave owners at that time to play cockfighting has been quite prevalent. In the Wei-Cao era, Emperor Ming of Wei built a cockfighting platform in the year of Taihe (297 – 235 AD) in the city of Yidu (present-day Wei County, Hebei Province), where King Shihu of Zhao played cockfighting and had the poem “Cockfighting in the eastern outskirts of the road, and walking horses in the long seizure”. The Tang Dynasty literary scholar Chen Hong “East City Fathers” recorded: “Emperor Xuanzong (712 – 756 AD) in the feudal residence when happy folk Qingming Festival cockfighting, and the reign, ruling the chicken workshop between the two palaces, home Chang’an male chicken, gold hair, iron distance, high crown, Ang tail thousands, raised and put the chicken workshop.” It can be seen at that time to what extent to play cockfighting. Ming Gaoqi (AD 1336 – 1374) wrote a “book Bo chicken people thing”. There is also a historical site in Baoji, Shaanxi Province, with the name “Cockfighting Terrace” as a place name. This shows that the formation of Chinese cockfighting has a long history.
The production area of the Central Plains is in the alluvial plain of the Yellow River, and the types of landforms are sand dunes, sandy land, and uniformly silted flat land. The climate is semi-arid and semi-humid, with obvious monsoonal climatic characteristics. Annual precipitation is 600 – 800mm. planting to wheat, corn, peanuts and potatoes, feed resources are abundant. Tulufan cockatoo is produced in the Tulufan basin, known as the fire state, at low altitudes, the lowest altitude of 154m, the average annual precipitation of only 25mm, but because of the high mountain ice and snow melt water, underground water sources, the development of oasis agriculture is the characteristics of the region, rich produce, the main wheat, sorghum, etc.. Xishuangbanna Olive Dam, the origin of the chicken, has an altitude of 523m, surrounded by mountains, and the Lancang River flows through the center of the dam, with a hot climate, typical of the tropical climate. It produces rice, corn, soybeans and many other tropical crops, and is rich in natural feed resources for animals and plants. The ecological environment in which the Turpan and Xishuangbanna cockfighters live has a common feature: they have been relatively isolated from the outside world for a long time due to inconvenient transportation, which naturally forms a closed breeding group. In addition, the formation of the cockfighting breed is closely related to the local people’s habit of playing cockfighting.

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