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Players new to betting must take time to learn how it works. This helps them to understand the probability of winning. Although initially, it may appear to be confusing, with time, it becomes easier. Fortunately, Dragon Tiger is one of the most accessible casino games; thus, understanding the rules and tricks of the game for beginners is easy.dragon and tiger game tricks 2022!!!


How do you win the Dragon and Tiger?  It's simple. The mechanics of Dragon And Tiger.
The dragon and tiger have three picks. The Dragon the Tiger and the Tie or Draw

How to win:

The player should have a higher card on which it will bet. For example you put your bet on the Dragon. the Dragon has Card 10 and Tiger has a card 6, meaning the winner is you, 

                                                    And if the bet is in the  tie  the prize you will get is x8 (100x8= 900)

Any number of standard decks can be used. For this analysis, I shall assume eight.

Cards are ranked as in poker, except aces are always low.

A single card is given to each of the Dragon and Player hands.

The primary bet is on which hand will get the higher card.

Other proposition bets are available, as explained below.

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